A quality team
is the engine of every company

We connect top specialists, managers
and other professionals with the best teams.

We are a team that connects top experts with the best employers. For us, both the client and the candidate are equal partners.

Through our partnership with Inhunt World, we are able to source candidates in over 29 countries. Most often, we help Czech companies expand into foreign markets and foreign companies establish themselves on the Czech market.


This service offers a fast, efficient solution to your recruitment needs. Just place a simple order and we will start looking for candidates for you within 24 hours. Depending on the type of position, we also choose where to search. This is most often a combination of advertising, direct search and various forms of referrals.
This is a highly targeted search for various experts, managers as well as senior salespeople with contacts and the potential to bring in business quickly. The key to success here is careful preparation, not only of “where to look”, but also how to motivate the approached candidates to make a change. With our market knowledge and salary benchmarking, we can suggest to clients how to proceed so that the position they offer is perceived as attractive in the job market.
Ever had to let someone go? We will help your former employees find their way in the job market and find a new job.
The job market is dynamic and fast-changing. It is not always easy to find your way around and determine which direction to take. This service is designed for candidates who are most often in a situation where they need advice on which direction and under what conditions to steer their career or who have not been successful in the job market for a long time.
If you are looking to increase the efficiency of your recruitment process, one option is for us to take over this area for you.

Examples of positions filled

IT Business Analyst

IT department of a lottery company


IT Value Added Distributor, servery&storage


industrial automation


manufacturing company

Our Clients

Some of our clients

IPG Mediabrands NTT Company GasNet Elis RVB Sazka Manutan Oilon Crestyl Dun & Bradstreet Zyxel Ricoh Zeller + Gmelin Iron Mountain Sitel Konica Minolta DRFG Investiční skupina Sagasta CRA České radiokomunikace